Shadow Method

Developed in 2008, SHADOW offers a complete solution on how to resolve violent situations without the use of violence. It is fluid and adaptable and translates exceptionally well to a variety of different situations. The method can be used by anyone, as it requires no previous knowledge, no previous training or martial arts background and no physical prerequisites of any kind. SHADOW is now being taught to various governmental and private organizations in many countries, including: Israel, France, Italy, Spain, Norway, Russia, Romania, Kenya, Nigeria, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Andora and the Congo, gaining further recognition with every success story.


SHADOW is based on a three-layer concept:

  • Psychological – SHADOW provides practitioners with the ability to recognize subtle body language signs and create awareness to their surroundings; this more ‘informed’ state of mind helps in preventing a violent situation from occurring.
  • Communicational –  The path resulting in a physical confrontation usually goes through verbal and non-verbal communication. As is often the case, the attacked individual unknowingly worsens the situation by sending the wrong message.
  • Physical – SHADOW provides techniques that allow the practitioners to navigate and steer a physical altercation to its ending without harming their attacker.


SHADOW offers various customized courses that cater to the specific needs of the students; a one-day workshop that covers the basics of the method and provides tools for daily potentially harmful situations, or advanced courses that provide solutions for more complex situations, such as: multiple attackers, armed attackers, or teamwork for security forces. These programs are valuable and have proven time and again their effectiveness in real-life situations.

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