Officer Training

These skills apply to peacetime and conflict and fall into two categories:

•Tactical – command and operate field units: resource management and training; leadership skills; maneuvering skills; decision making; coordination with other units during conflicts

•Strategic – control and operate large-scale military forces: budget creation and management; recruitment and training of units; using intel to strategize and create missions; maneuvering large-scale forces; attaining military goals

A Military unit is just as good as its commanding officer. While high-level soldiers are essential for mission success, it is the officers’ job to control and command the units, create order, work in conjunction with other units and make sure that all military goals are achieved. Officers are in charge of both training and leading units.

Generally speaking, while on the battlefield, the officer’s job is to collect information and react to changing situation. Knowing how to gather the relevant information, analyze it, change operational tactics, work with other forces and command center and ultimately lead the soldiers to victory is no easy task.

We provide officers with the additional sets of knowledge and skills they require. These include know-how on how to strategize, plan missions, lead units, coordinate operational elements with various military branches, and successfully address and manage complicated tasks on a national level.

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