Intelligence Training

Realizing that this is often the decisive factor between success and failure, a major challenge facing militaries worldwide is gathering and interpreting quality intelligence.
Ametos responsibly instructs and trains units in all aspects of intelligence gathering and analysis. Training is led by top-flight ex-officers from leading special forces and field recon units with particular expertise in combating radical militant elements, in obtaining intel for future operations, and most importantly, devising strategies not just for military, but also for government.
  •  Create new intelligence units – We assemble special forces and field recon units with capabilities to extract and collect information in a range of environments and topographies including high-risk areas.
  • Upgrade skills of existing units –We provide up-to-date equipment, advanced technologies and the training to use them, together with operational methods and techniques.
  • Train existing units – We give customized courses in specialized areas of intelligence including tactical methods for special forces, courses in new and expanded technologies, and tech-based capabilities.
  • Procurement of Specialized Intelligence gear and equipment – providing all necessary gear and equipment as well as related training to enable Intelligence units to accomplish their missions
  • Team leaders training – providing team leaders training, decision-making, working in conjunction with other on-ground forces, air support and command center
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